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More powerful sigil charge?
  • I began my magickal career with sigils. I learned about them through multiple sources, but most of the methods I've heard about for charging a sigil always seem to result in a very simple manifestation of the sigil. Tonight I plan to draft up a very complex sigil using a variety of materials and I'm going to attempt to chant and meditate upon the sigil in an attempt to reap stronger results.

    I plan to do this either way, but I'm curious from an outsiders perspective if I understand the function of sigils properly. Do sigils become more powerful if there is more energy focused upon them? I've read in that space where grant morrison comments upon his research and answers fan questions that he created a sigil for his fans to fap to in the hopes that more energy would manifest. So is a sigil a catalyst by which energy passes through to become true in the astral plane and then later in our own dimension?
  • Might be worth looking at what a sigils function was before chaos magic adopted them and seeing exactly how they were employed in earlier magical pursuits, and that i think might help answer your question. If you rephrased your question for example to mean is a relationship between a practitioner and a sigil stronger if more intent and awareness has gone into the relationship between the sigil and the practitioner i would say yes.

    The notion of charging a sigil is erm well akin to recharging my phone, while that is important if i want to use my phone its not as important as the function of it being able to communicate and form meaningful relationships with others whom also have phones. whether anything ever becomes true or not is a more complex question, if something is more in coherence as a signal to surrounding and prevailing conditions it is more likely to be heard by those receiving the communication.

    Whether it will manifest or not depends on the quality of relationship and the changes in conditional factors that are taking place all of which are temporary. The value of a tradition in regards to magic is that it encodes far larger structures, for example it encodes and forms symbolic relationships to time, in an already working language that others are communicating in, the coherence of the signal is greatly increased because many more people are using that form of expression to relate to the desired conditions to be altered or affected.

    Its why nearly all Pagan and religious traditions form there mythological structures to time (number) and language, because these factors determine the idea of how individuals and societies will act, think and respond to situational factors, a sigil's value lies in its cosmological representation, how as a part it relates to a greater whole, how it codes and encodes as a point of focus and through an understanding of the nature of desire, the most important aspect of this is the quality of relationship and an awareness of as many of the conditions involved in the desire to cause change or transformation.
  • Thanks. My mental definition of sigil was the same concept but in completely different ideas and terms. Re-examining them this was puts the idea in perspective for me.
  • AOS said, somewhere, "Every desire is a spirit waiting to manifest". In this sense, the sigil of any desire may be 'fed' in pretty much the same way as when one feeds any other spirit.
    Now, before Spare the same methods were employed using the Anglo-Frisian alphabet.. i.e. the runes. Combined letters created the form of the Wichta.. an Anglo-Saxon word meaning 'spirit'.

    However, times have changed and some people now prefer to see sigils as a kind of programming code, with themselves as the hardware.. like a form of NLP, I guess, but one that recognizes that consciousness and Maya are the same phenomena.

    Others still see past the false dichotomy.